Amateur Hour


We all feel a bit fed up on a cold Tuesday night, the work week has just begun, the weekend has just gone and its an eternity until the next. Also if you’re anything like me then your pay check has already gone by the weekend, but no fear! Lift your spirits with a mid week free yes, FREE, comedy show!

From now until the end of July, Pugs in Space is a comedy show featuring a variety of comedians; whether they are just starting out or well in to their career. I have been twice now and it is sometimes hit and miss, the comedians are trying out new material and mostly it’s fantastic and hilarious but others can fall flat. Last weeks show included David Warneke who we mentioned as one to watch from our article on the Melbourne Comedy Festival!

Check it out! Pugs in Space is every Tuesday night from 8.30 at the Imperial Hotel, opposite parliament building on Bourke Street, also mention you are seeing the show at the bar for a discount on drinks! What more could you ask from your Tuesday night?

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They let you in the Lemur enclosure at the Zoo, these guys were way too friendly but cute.

Views at the Melbourne Zoo


Best Views of the City

Taking advantage of the good weather is a must when you’re in Melbourne, whether you live here all year round or you’re just visiting us, enjoy these beautiful days! They could be far and few between.

In rain, but more so in shine, our city is incredibly photogenic so here’s a quick list of the best places to enjoy scenery and get a nice snap of the area.

1. The Sofitel, Collins St/Exhibition St.
– okay its obviously a bonus if you’re lucky enough to spend the night or two in this fabulous hotel, however if like most of us you can’t then take the elevator to the 35th floor and ask where the bathrooms are. The outward facing wall in both bathrooms is in fact a giant window, and an incredible view of the city, facing the south east of Melbourne.


2. Lui Bar – Vie De Monde, on Collins St near William St.
– The best view of the city at night, 55 floors up the Lui Bar prides itself on cutting edge cocktails and jazz nights, so no this isn’t a place for the whole family. Feeling rather exclusive, its very busy on the weekends so booking is a must.

3. Shrine of Remembrance, south of the CBD along St Kilda Rd.
Just a little out of the city, the Shrine of Remembrance isn’t just a great piece of architecture itself and definitely worth a visit, it also has a wonderful yet secluded view of Melbourne. Because of the initial wide open space in front of the memorial it can feel quite eery; a different but nevertheless still photogenic view.


4. Ponyfish Island, Yarra River
A cute, slightly tucked away bar in the middle of the Yarra River, under the Southgate Pedestrian Bridge. Great food, and Drink and makes for a unique night out surrounded by water and skyscrapers.


Happy snapping!

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Op and Vintage shopping Melbourne.

download (4)

After searching most nooks and crannys of Melbourne CBD, and its wonderful suburbs over the past couple of months, rain or shine I’ve taken on the deed of scouting out the quirkiest vintage/op shops around.

As an avid vintage lover, at first it was a struggle (mostly on my bank account) to keep on top of my obsession. As Melbourne seems to love vintage as much as i do there’s quite a few stores, so the ones that will be mentioned are not necessarily the all time best but went for some variety.

Budget key!

$ – Cheap as chips.
$$ – Sure why not!
$$$ – Noodles till pay day.


Out of The Closet (OTC)  – Flinders Street
Great for Jackets, playsuits and head scarfs. American imports, really great quality pieces, well picked. $$

Chapel Street, Yarra

(there’s a ton of vintage shops on chapel so its worth an explore on its own)

Salvation Army
    Couldn’t believe this was a charity shop, I strolled in one day completely unaware only until I saw the awesome prices and mish mash of brands. Great if you’re up for a hunt as there’s a lot to get through, but awesome brands. I got a Sports Girl dress for $20 so its a winner! $

The exterior just pulls you in, bright bold and amazingly layed out. Maybe slightly intimidating, you find yourself overwhelmed from the amount of amazing sequin filled garments and accessories  from every era all in quite a small space. $$$

download (3)


American Vintage – Brunswick Street
Lovely little store, good quality denim; high waisted jeans, dungarees and skirts are worth the money. American imports obviously… But its just the pricing that sucks. I don’t think a second hand t-shirt is worth $40 but for some reason this store does. $$$

Vintage Sole – Brunswick Street
As the name suggest this is mainly a shoe store. Need a pair of good quality leather boots with a bit of character? This is your place, for sure. Some clothing but nothing compared to the range of shoes. Pair of boots average $60. $$

images (3)

Hunter Gatherer – Brunswick Street
Hurrah! A Vintage shop that has similar stuff to the more expensive ones we have seen however, the price is nice averaging out at $20-$30 a garment. Not a huge range but I enjoyed what they had in store, worth a visit. $

These are a obviously only few of the huge amounts of Vintage and Op shops around the Melbourne area. Leave a comment! We would love to hear your favorite vintage/op shops and buys!


Give the Rose Street Artist Market a visit on Rose Street, Fitzroy. 11am – 5pm every Saturday and Sunday. Awesome stalls for gifting including Pho Sizzle Threads. They had some cute two pieces and head bands to vamp up any hair style visit them online as well at

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The Astor



If there’s anything we all love its saving money, but its not often we relate the cinema with a cheap night out. After the 20 dollar ticket, 7 dollar small popcorn and a 1000 dollar bottle of water, its seems regular cinemas want us to take out loans to see the newest movies, that we will inevitably just download illegally in the comfort of our own homes. However, i’ve never had an opportunity to see my favorite classic movies such as Jaws, Beetlejuice and Akira on the big screen until now!

Built in 1936 and still keeping the untouched, charming art deco of that era, The Astor on Chapel Street plays a different classic movie, and occasionally new as well, every night of the week sometimes with double features. With its 1,500 seating capacity and huge screen its a perfect atmosphere for that wow factor experience, and for only $15!! For a full price ticket.

So, fancy a different type of movie night? Head to the Astor! Look at there website for up coming show at
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View from the Shrine of Remembrance

Yesterday afternoon from the Shrine of Remembrance view of Melbourne skyline looking photogenic as always

View from the Shrine of Remembrance


That Bogan life

A lovely gent on Reddit suggested we aren’t producing enough “bogan culture” articles, so I decided to do some research. I’ve never been able to pick out a bogan but then again I’ve never really known what one was, I think ive had glimpses of them up in Cairns so to be sure I turn to Urban Dictionary, as Wikipedia was being way to nice.

“A fascinating beast. The majority of the species are hideously repugnant and unintelligent, and yet they manage to breed in ever-increasing numbers and populate an area known as the outer west. It is quite common to find five or six offspring in each family group, often with a different father for each new baby.

” …most likely found wearing mockies, flanalette shirts and consuming VB (bad Aussie beer)”

“The female of the species, while smaller in stature, is far more loud and aggressive than the male. While the males tend to be very friendly and congregate with other males, the females spend most of their time in supermarkets and shopping malls, using a shrill high-pitched call to discipline their children and contact other females.”

I’ll stop you there Urban Dictionary I think we all understand that’s its from the same breed as the British Chav and the American Redneck. As you know from this breed they are the people who are the wonderful stereotypes of today’s Australia, literally anyone who hasn’t been to Australia thinks everyone is a Bogan anyway, so you might as well join them in order to not disappoint and confuse the tourist.

So if you fancy a change in your life? Want to become a true aussie? Well in three easy steps this could be you –


1. Style – you’re not going to be a true Bogan with a half arsed outfit. You need to go all out. Flannel shirt? Check. Slightly torn jeans? Check. Mullet? (Optional but long hair is a must) Check. VB in one hand? Check. Cigarette in the other? Check.

2. Now you look the part you’ve got to sound the part. Bogans are friendly guys who would never pass up an opportunity to talk football with the lads. Shortening words such as “fuckin'” “barbie” and “footie” are essential in your day to day Bogan conversations.

3.Get musically cultured. MetalHeavy Metal & Hard Rock are some examples of what to listen to. Absolutely no Pop, rap or country music. Then you must play this music in public either through headphones with the volume turned to full or just play it straight from your phone. You want other people to hear it and hopefully inspire them to be as good a Bogan as you.

Best Bogan places in Melbourne?

Napier Hotel, Fitzroy – Great Bogan watering hole and feeding ground. With their Bogan Burger which seems to be legendary.

Let me know other great Bogan places in Melbourne!