Op and Vintage shopping Melbourne.

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After searching most nooks and crannys of Melbourne CBD, and its wonderful suburbs over the past couple of months, rain or shine I’ve taken on the deed of scouting out the quirkiest vintage/op shops around.

As an avid vintage lover, at first it was a struggle (mostly on my bank account) to keep on top of my obsession. As Melbourne seems to love vintage as much as i do there’s quite a few stores, so the ones that will be mentioned are not necessarily the all time best but went for some variety.

Budget key!

$ – Cheap as chips.
$$ – Sure why not!
$$$ – Noodles till pay day.


Out of The Closet (OTC)  – Flinders Street
Great for Jackets, playsuits and head scarfs. American imports, really great quality pieces, well picked. $$

Chapel Street, Yarra

(there’s a ton of vintage shops on chapel so its worth an explore on its own)

Salvation Army
    Couldn’t believe this was a charity shop, I strolled in one day completely unaware only until I saw the awesome prices and mish mash of brands. Great if you’re up for a hunt as there’s a lot to get through, but awesome brands. I got a Sports Girl dress for $20 so its a winner! $

The exterior just pulls you in, bright bold and amazingly layed out. Maybe slightly intimidating, you find yourself overwhelmed from the amount of amazing sequin filled garments and accessories  from every era all in quite a small space. $$$

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American Vintage – Brunswick Street
Lovely little store, good quality denim; high waisted jeans, dungarees and skirts are worth the money. American imports obviously… But its just the pricing that sucks. I don’t think a second hand t-shirt is worth $40 but for some reason this store does. $$$

Vintage Sole – Brunswick Street
As the name suggest this is mainly a shoe store. Need a pair of good quality leather boots with a bit of character? This is your place, for sure. Some clothing but nothing compared to the range of shoes. Pair of boots average $60. $$

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Hunter Gatherer – Brunswick Street
Hurrah! A Vintage shop that has similar stuff to the more expensive ones we have seen however, the price is nice averaging out at $20-$30 a garment. Not a huge range but I enjoyed what they had in store, worth a visit. $

These are a obviously only few of the huge amounts of Vintage and Op shops around the Melbourne area. Leave a comment! We would love to hear your favorite vintage/op shops and buys!


Give the Rose Street Artist Market a visit on Rose Street, Fitzroy. 11am – 5pm every Saturday and Sunday. Awesome stalls for gifting including Pho Sizzle Threads. They had some cute two pieces and head bands to vamp up any hair style visit them online as well at http://www.phosizzlethreads.com.

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